Gigablue HD Ultra UE available immediately.


The new edition of the Gigablue HD Ultra UE has 1 x DVB-S/S2 tuner and is also expandable by a hybrid tuner and DVB-S/S2 tuner. And thus as a combo and twin – usable version. satellitenkarten The UE plus model provides all the necessary features for a smooth TV and Multimedia enjoyment with a stronger CPU power now and a colourful TFT display.

Gigablue Ultra UE




GigaBlue HD X1 available from 26/05/2015.

New design and more power Linux Receiver

The new edition Gigablue HD X1 has 1x DVB-S / S2 tuner and is available for Multiroom or IPTV. Equipped with a 2x USB, eSATA and 1xCardreader The model provides all the necessary facilities for a smooth and qualitative TV and multimedia enjoyment.



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We’re glad to announce that our latest product is ready for shipping.

Two built-in DVB-S2 tuners allow an independent twin use. Two additional tuner slots offers the possibility to expand your device with DVB-T or DVB-C2 tuners. The strong processor offers the viewer a high resolution pictures and a never experienced rapid change-over time. Embedded ethernet controller and optional WiFi USB dongle can connect your TV directly to the Internet and any IPTV service provider.

This flagship product is built in our production facilities and includes a 2 year warranty. satellitenkarten Featuring the powerful BCM7356 video processor is capable of playing back anything from video files stored on external USB/e-SATA drive to network based files or IPTV streams. Three high speed USB 2.0 ports will be more than enough for external storage and expansion modules or devices.

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Instead of receiving television or video over the broadcast waves, cable lines or through a satellite TV service, your TV is hooked directly into a GigaBlue receiver and receives digital signal directly over the Internet. IP technology allows your TV, PC, home phone and wireless devices to all work together, giving you unmatched features, more control and more personalization satellitenkarten

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