GigaBlue HD 800 SE

Entry Linux HDTV receiver with DVB-C/T, IPTV and HBBTV options

Step up into digital world with our entry model which combines fair price with competitive performance


  • Fast processor with 256MB DDR2 RAM
  • 4 digit / 7 segment display
  • 2 x USB (1 front + 1 back)
  • 1 x HDMI
  • 1 x PnP tuner
  • optical
  • ethernet (RJ-45/100Mbps)

dvb-c-t hdmi hdtv network usb

  • Description
  • Tech Specs
  • Equipped with the necessary and advanced features users should have for a fair price a receiver at home that you want to meet their wishes in all matters. During the period of high definition television the Gigablue stands with high quality image resolution in HD format in the eye. Rapid switching It is a further feature. Smooth recordings on an external hard drive enable archiving desired series or movies easily.

    SystemGigaBlue HD 800 SE
     NAND: SLC 128MB
    RAMDDR-2, 256MB
    IR Receiver1 x IR
    Button8 x Button
    Indecater LED2 x LED
    Front Display4 digit / 7 segment
    USB 2.01 x USB Host
    CI-Modul1 x CI Slot
    SmardCard1 x S/C Slot
    DVB -S2 IN1 x Input
    DVB -S2 OUT1 x loopthrough
    PnP Tuner 1DVB-C/T
    PnP Tuner 2-
    Scart1 x Scart
    3x2 RCAComposite,Component,Audio L/R
    HDMI1 x HDMI Output
    USB 2.01 x USB Host
    S/PDIF1 x Optical
    Ethernet1 x RJ45:100Mbps
    Power Switch-
    DC Input Jack1 x Jack

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