GigaBlue IP BOX

Gigablue IPBOX small and more power
The new edition Gigablue IPBOX the model offers all the necessary facilities for a smooth and qualitative IPTV and multimedia enjoyment.
The IP-Box connects between your internal and external components and the domestic network. It is included by RJ45 in the LAN or WLAN
 Simple installation and configuration on Linux Enigma2 supplied software
 Simple compilation of device configurations on network
 Secure wireless connection on device-specific pairing
 App for operation via Smartphone Available (iOS / Android)



  • Fast processor with 512MB DDR3 RAM
  • 1 x USB
  • 1 x HDMI
  • optical
  • ethernet (RJ-45/100Mbps)


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  • Tech Specs
  • Multiroom-system Manual
  • Test Report Satvision
  • New standards will set the new GigabBlue receiver. Equipped with the necessary and advanced features users should have for a fair price a receiver at home that you want to meet their wishes in all matters. During the period of high definition television the Gigablue stands with high quality image resolution in HD format in the eye. Rapid switching It is a further feature. Smooth recordings on an external hard drive enable archiving desired series or movies easily.

    Particularly user-friendly shows the GigaBlue in its operating options. Thus, the receiver can, for example, via GigaBlue Player app completely comfortable with the smartphone or tablet remotely without taking only the device's remote control in hand.

    SystemGigaBlue IP Box
     NAND: SLC 256MB
    RAMDDR-3, 512MB
    Dimensions 180mm x 130mm x 50mm
    IR Receiver1 x IR
    Button1 x Button
    Indecater LED2 x LED
    Front Display 
    USB 2.01 x USB Host
    DVB -S2 IN 
    DVB -S2 OUT 
    PnP Tuner 1 
    PnP Tuner 2not used
    Scartnot used
    3x2 RCAComposite,Component,Audio L/R
    HDMI1 x HDMI Output
    E-SATAnot used
    USB 2.01 x USB Host
    S/PDIF1 x Optical
    Ethernet1 x RJ45:100Mbps
    Power Switch1 x I/O Switch
    DC Input Jack1 x Jack

    Multiroom-system Manual  Streamingconverter_eng_2014

    For owners of a GigaBlue receiver, the manufacturer brings another innovative product to market. The IP-Box is designed to, whether to receive TV programs free or pay TV, satellite or cable TV in rooms in which no antenna cable is. This can be for example the working, sleeping or nursery. The IP-Box simply accesses a GigaBlue tuner box as the Quad HD Plus or HD Plus 800UE to. The signals given the small box wired via LAN or wirelessly with the optional Wi-Fi adapter. The signal transmission via Powerline adapter is possible. In addition, recordings can perform and it can also be accessed on recordings. This allows, for example, the recorded movie in the living room to take into the bedroom to this to look there. In the IP box is a technically well-equipped Linux box with the Enigma2 operating system. This means in practice that the box can shine with all Linux typical advantages. Thus, the IP box is extensible through plugins, for example. The IP box to the end of August for around 100, - Euro come on the market. We summarize here before advance all known technical facts and possibilities together.

    GigaBlue is known for its Linux receiver to the open Enigma2 operating system, a very good technical equipment and, for example, at the HD Quad-Plus, a variable tuner assembly. Thus, each user the number (up to four) and the reception of the tuner, be it satellite, cable TV or antenna TV, set yourself. This brings in practice quite a lot of advantages. It may be, for example, parallel recorded several shows and at the same time looked a different station. Or it can be accessed on different receive paths. However, all tuners are not always fully utilized, so that one or more tuner remain unused. Here GigaBlue is where the new IP box.

    In the IP box is a Linux box with all the advantages that you know of a Linux receiver with Enigma2 OS, except that in the IP box no tuner are installed and there is no possibility of such a retrofit . The IP-Box can be accessed over the local network to the existing GigaBlue receiver and the TV tuner signal from the free stream to the IP box. Thus channels can be allowed in rooms where no antenna cable is. The connection between the "mother box" and the IP box is made via the local network. Here the user has the option to choose between the wired (LAN) and wireless (WLAN) variant to choose. However, the IP box has no integrated Wi-Fi. To retrofit WiFi, GigaBlue offers a wireless stick for around 15, - Euro. This is then inserted into one of the two USB 2.0 interfaces. After inclusion in the network, the IP box automatically identifies the manufacturer for existing GigaBlue receivers. This eliminates a manual device. According to the manufacturer, all GigaBlue models, even the older ones, support. The maximum number of IP boxes used depends on the number of the "mother box" built-in tuner. Thus, a fully equipped HD Quad Plus with four tuners dine four IP boxes.

    After the setup is complete, the station lists the "mother box" imported to the IP box. The aim of the users do not feel any difference in operation between a "full" GigaBlue receiver and the IP box.

    For even the most personal channel lists will not be different from the "mother box". However, it should not only be possible to stream the TV signal of the free tuner in the "mother box" - even pictures taken and stored multimedia files are can be viewed on the IP box. Recordings can be saved directly to a connected disk locally on the IP box and be viewed in retrospect to the "mother box". According to the manufacturer it should be possible to look at the IP box and pay movies. Of course, the prerequisite is a valid pay-TV card in the "mother box" and a CI module that supports multiple decryption, if several pay-TV stations are to be seen in parallel.

    Very attractive is designed also the price. The IP-Box is for 99, - come the end of August on the market euro (RRP). Developed by GigaBlue multi-room system is not based on a failed hardware solution, but is implemented using a Linux plugin.

    This plugin is but exclusively at GigaBlue and is not freely available. Thus, it is theoretically possible the connection between other receivers make Enigma2 operating system, in practice, this will be possible but only between GigaBlue models.

    Fernbedienung und Anschluss-RückseiteRemote control and remote-back and back: The IP-Box has all the necessary connections. The TV signal is output via an HDMI or RCA video. For audio output, a PDIF and RCA connector are available. Data is transferred via an internal RJ45 interface. A WLAN USB stick can also be purchased. In addition, the box has a connection for an infrared eye, an external power supply and a power switch has. Two USB ports are available for external disk or WLAN USB Stick is available. For remote control, we can not write anything yet, but it is like that, along with the GigaBlue HD 800 SE is also delivered.

    Views of the editors

    In the editorial, the concept of GigaBlue IP box came consistently positive reactions. Three points are positively highlighted:

         1.  It is possible to connect a TV signal, including pay-TV, transmitted in rooms where no antenna is located.
         2. It is possible, via the IP-box access to images and multimedia data in the "mother-Receiver" and program recording timer.
         3. The IP box runs with a Enigma2 operating system and is thus extensible and customizable through plugins.


    Manufacturer / DistributorGigaBlue
    Flash memory (in MB)256 SLC NAND
    RAM (in MB)512 DDR3-1600
    Prozessor751 MHz
    Audio output S/PDIF (optisch), Cinch (R/L)
    Video outputsHDMI, Video-Cinch
    Data Interfaces2x USB 2.0, LAN, WLAN optinal USB stick, connection for IR receiver
    Hardware Features  
    Display / Typ• / Status-LED
    power switch 
    RRP in €99,00€